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Transport is also too often a political pawn, seen as a minor issue which can nevertheless be used to cause political embarrassment to ‘the other side’.
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I do not know of any other work which attempts to cover all forms of inland transport in Great Britain.  (Christopher Gibbard) 

Very comprehensive.  (Ian Manderson)             

Fascinating.  (Jonathan Cowe) 

I found the book a good and interesting read.  I liked the chronological approach, which I think is particularly useful for students… ….it will be a very useful reference for me to turn to to refresh myself about what I spent my life doing!  (Bob Bixby)                    

…. a very well-written treatise on public transport developments across the country during the twentieth century, combined with a shrewd analysis of the …. influences behind much of the decision-making.  (Philip Wallis) 

….an excellent summary of public transport in the 20th century which demonstrates how opportunities to develop an integrated public transport in Britain have repeatedly presented themselves and equally repeatedly been cast aside.  Comprehensive, frustrating, absorbing and depressing.  (Train-on-Line, magazine of the Association of Community Rail Partnerships) 

Anyone interested in knowing how the transport network came to be where it is today should refer to this work.  I have found the book invaluable as a source of information.  The detail concerning development of the bus industry is particularly impressive.  This book must have taken many, many hours of meticulous research – and it shows!  (Ian Clarke)  

This is a comprehensive overview of the transport system in Britain and, perhaps more importantly, how it has come to be the way it is.  The fact that no corner of the country has been overlooked makes it an important work in its field, and it shows a real understanding of the difficulties faced by rural communities as well as large cities.   (Eleanor Harris, Local Studies Librarian, Argyll & Bute) 

Succinct, comprehensive and very easy to read….the history and background to so many things was enlightening….it’s a fantastic piece of work…  (Peter Larking) 

A very useful work of reference.  (Peter Townley)   

… a really good informative read.  (Trevor Adams)

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