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…...faced with the alternatives of selling to the railway, or risking railway-owned buses driving it off the roads in the same way as it had driven many smaller operators off.
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Now available        by the same author 

Experiments in Public Transport Operation 

Experiments in Public Transport Operation is a review of unconventional forms of public transport, the author’s personal experiences being supplemented by sections relating to other uses of minibuses, postbuses, dial-a-ride, flexibly-routed buses, and recent road and rail experiments.  It is priced at £11.95, post paid.

Experiments in Public Transport Operation is based on the author’s first books, Wylde’s Adventures in Busland, and Wylde’s Reflections on Public Transport, which were published in 1998, when some of his friends suggested he should record the interesting things he has done during his career. 

Wylde’s Adventures in Busland is his memoirs of all things connected with buses, from his childhood recollections of London Transport buses (some of them highly technically inaccurate), to the definitive story of his association with innovative forms of public transport provision.  He was instrumental in creating the first community bus scheme, though the term was not in use, nor was the concept understood at the time.  Following this he was managing partner of a firm operating then-unconventional minibuses on normal local bus services, when his friends in London Transport and the National Bus Company laughed themselves silly, but a few years later were doing the same thing themselves – with other people’s money (yours).  After de-regulation in 1986 he set up a taxibus scheme. 

Pioneers often receive little recognition of what they do, generally other people come along and develop the ideas and are credited with being the originators.  It is even sometimes officially taught that community buses started in Norfolk (they didn’t), and that minibuses were first used on frequent local bus services in Exeter in 1984 (they weren’t).  You will know the truth when you read Wylde’s Adventures in Busland (or ‘Experiments in Public Transport Operation’). 

Supplementing the ‘Adventures’ book, Wylde’s Reflections on Public Transport contains some updating of the author’s memories with contributions from people who were involved in events described in WAIB, together with some ideas for improving aspects of public transport.  Many of the things suggested in it have now been done.  Some of the pictures in it are poor, so it is free to purchases of WAIB.  

The original books are still available in limited numbers,  £9.95 the pair, post paid. 

John Wylde, 4, Osborne Road, Berwick-upon-Tweed. TD15 2HS while stocks last.


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